It’s been almost a decade since Ceekay Jones departure from Skarhead and the Hardcore music scene. After spending many years on the road singing for Skarhead and/or Danny Diablo’s solo endeavors, Ceekay left the scene and has spent the time exploring different styles and genres of music. Having found great success as a songwriter and producer he has spent that time touring the world and amassing a large musical resume in many places within the music industry.


In early 2019 thoughts of returning to the Hardcore/Punk music scene was something becoming more and more real in his mind. After reaching out to a few longtime friends Greg Thum and former bandmate/best friend Norm Cutliff the band DEAD|LOVE was formed. Having spent lots of time working together on various projects the three of them quickly gelled to make the sound that is now a reality with their debut EP entitled “The Hunger Builds”.

Intentionally raw and unapologetically real, DEAD|LOVE is a blend of both Hardcore and Punk music, taking from both genres and blending into a hard driving mashup. Drawing from both life experience and the current state of affairs, the topic matter of DEAD|LOVE gives you both the inner mental state of Ceekay, as well as the observations of the world around him and the band.


Written and recorded in Taos NM (Home to the Band) This EP is a great return to the scene for Ceekay Jones and in a time of over polished/over produced music, this no doubt is the musical retort to the current state of the music industry. Scheduled to release in the fall of 2019 on SlipTrick Records, DEAD|LOVE is a fresh and real take on todays Hardcore/Punk scene.